Cross Culture

The most spectacular phenomenon of the last decades is undoubtedly the rising of China, a country with 1.4 billion inhabitants, 5000 years of glorious civilization, and countless business opportunities. China is integrating itself into the whole world at an unprecedented speed. The curiosity, the yearning, the eagerness, and the pursuing from both China and Europe towards each other are growing every minute, culturally, emotionally, or business wise. Are you seeking any information or more understanding for whatever reasons? Then here is the right place to start!


The Right Connections

You have this goal sharp and vivid in mind: explore China, the OTHER continent! Despite the short 8 hour flight to reach there, it seems a long, long way to carry out your plans - confusions, wrong or insufficient information, lack of connections, language barrier, cultural shock, geographic and demographic complexity, etc, these are the obstacles you might be encountering along your exploring journey. Are you seeking any suggestions to eliminate these failure-triggers? Then here is the right place to start!

Event Abroad

As a decision maker, you want to have your unique event in China. However, things are not as easy as at home: Both China and Europe are “notorious” for its multi-façade and rich culture. Where exactly to do it? The perfect venue? Creative ideas? Current trends and styles? The negotiation and coordination with the local vendors? Flawless execution? All seems so complicated that it is never time and cost efficient to do it alone or with an inappropriate event planner. Then here is the right place to start!


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